Digitisation...scratching the surface

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When asked to develop a graduate level course for students of the School of Archives, Libraries and Information Studies at the University of British Columbia, I framed the work as one of inquiry rather than technical solution. Offered as a remote, distance education opportunity, savvy student took to heart my caveat that distance curses are more, not less, work for both the student and the instructor. The 2013 cohort was engaged and active, but the workload was such that it proved difficult to encourage enough students to take part to make the offering cost effective for the univesity.

The topic of the course, Records Systems in the Digital Environment, continues to garner interest.

The Information Systems Engineering (ISE) program of Hong Kong Polytechnic University has long made the connection between the logic of content management and the efficacy of knowledge management.  So, it was with pleasure that I said "yes" to invitation to explore a series of questions related to digitisation in the workplace.

This post introduces those questions for further development in posts yet to come.