Oaklands Rise Living Streets / Woonerf

  • Posted on: 6 February 2018
  • By: IRMSadmin

Are you looking for information about the Oaklands Rise Living Streets Woonerf? This section of the website is under development with intent to provide a user-friendly point of access. If you have questions, answers, images, links and interests to share, let John know and he'll pass it on to the Planning Goup.  

While we're on it, check out:

  • Newsletter - our first issue is here
  • @oaklandsrise  -  this is the Twitter account for the Oaklands Rise group.  Click and browse under "tweets" for our content, or scroll the page for content from followers, etc.
  • oaklandsrise@gmail.com  -  this is our "file box". Be sure to "cc" or "bcc" to this address to help build a historical record of our communications and progress.

The map below illustrates the sidewalk-free area under review. Our goal is to create an accessible, safe, beautiful "pedestrian first" neighbourhood that preserves the unique almost rural village character of the Oaklands Rise neighbourhood and Kings Road Greenway.