The view from the Anisotropic Road

  • Posted on: 18 June 2017
  • By: IRMSadmin

Some people are proud of the "thought leader" moniker. It becomes a schtick. There is something seductive about people seeing one in that way. But, even when graced with the description, I shrink back a little. I've been pondering this reaction and extrapolating from it to my broader life philosophy, clearer now than ever before, yet still evolving.

After a career life in which so much had to be molded to fit cultural norms, I struggle with freeing myself from diplomacy--all the while appreciating that my diplomatic skills are critical to navigating in the world. I will err in this space, no doubt. But I have decided that it is past time to shift a life-long intergration of values and skills to ensure that the values are foremost. 

Thought leaders think. I do, incessantly. But the term creates a distance that can be misunderstood. As we travel together on the Anisotrpic Road, I hope to bridge that distance. Come along ... I want your leading thoughts, too.