Engagements and Collaborations

  • Posted on: 10 April 2016
  • By: IRMSadmin

The transition from the world of corporate RFIs and RFPs, contracts and roles as an external "subject matter expert" and internal, executive leader has been a fascinating journey of self-discovery. 

Helping individuals and teams to achieve what they had previously thought impossible has been a career-long satisfaction. I have re-focused my work with that in mind, coaching, guiding, mentoring where the fit is right.

How can I help you?

    Group work and enterprise-wide projects benefit from my experience on both sides of the board room table. I am experienced in:

    • Governance
    • Faciliation
    • Evaluation

    Confidential, one-on-one time (whether in-person or remotely) is a trust-based approach to support your achievements, for yourself as a leader and for your organization. As an experienced coach, mentor, and educator with a rare combination of internal leadership roles and external consulting experience in private, public and not-for-profit sectors, I can help you navigate effectively in a complex world. 

    • If strategy and planning is your aim, I am on your side.
    • In those times when broad experience can help you find your own way—and workplace realities make it risky to raise innovative ideas—I am a safe sounding board.
    • When you need to hear what others cannot — or dare not—say, my feedback is constructively direct.

    Please contact me for a confidential discussion of your challenges and opportunities.

    I do not problem solve in an introductory session and focus, instead, on determining our fit and whether I am the resource that is right for your situation.

    If you provide similar services and are seeking to build a team for a planned engagement, I look forward to learning more. Let's collaborate!