MacMentor is a cost-effective service for anyone who wants to make the most of their Apple computer and devices.

Primarily for individuals, this service aslo supports small business clients with more sophisticated needs. John's expertise in strategy, project and information management adds value that is usually reserved for corporate clients.

Why MacMentor? The answer is a personal one.  John explains:

MacMentor has grown out of support to my ageing mother, Anna M. O'Brien, MLIS. Through an extraordinary life, breaking professional barriers and opening doors for women and men to follow, she was too often separated from friends and family. In the early years, Freenet text chats maintained connection across the miles. Later, well into her seventies, I introduced Anna to the world of Apple computers and the potential of the Internet.

Supporting a senior in the use of technology helped me better understand the challenges faced by computer users in general. I get great satisfaction in helping someone get beyond real and perceived barriers to achieve personal goals.

Sometimes, it is a matter of a busy professional making the transition from Windows to the Mac world. Often, it is a gift of an iMac from well-intentioned family members, creating stress where there can be enjoyment. For my mum, and so many others, the key is finding a way to make the Apple computer relevant to personal interests and needs.

I reserve a portion of my time to this discounted activity. What was once a favour to a family member has become a rewarding aspect of my advisory work.

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