Since 2005, IRM Strategies principals John James O'Brien, MA (LT) CRM and Robert Tornack, RN, MBA have provided consulting and education services from both the International Finance Centre (IFC II) in Hong Kong and the Offices @ CentralWorld, Bangkok

Drawing upon long, multi-disciplinary careers crossing sectors and industries, John and Rob design and deliver transformational processes to enable the accountability and innovation necessary for success in international enterprise. A representative list of projects and engagements is available here.  

Relocation to Canada in 2009 brought opportunity to take up management of Garden Oaks Fine Accommodation (GOFA), their residential property leasing and hospitality partnership. John contributes in line with his interest in design and architecture as Design Lead and is expanding hospitality services, while exploring intellectual capital management in the small business context.  Rob oversees operations and trades as General Manager.

The IRM Strategies brand lives on through John's independent activity including design of models for policy development, organizational transformation, team and individual capacity building as an independent consultant.  He has added "MacMentor" education and coaching as a limited, discounted service to assist seniors in adjusting to the transition to new technologies and Apple computers. As an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia's School of Library, Archives and information Studies, he has design and taught the graduate level course, "Record Systems in the Digital Environment".