IRM Strategies grew from the multi-sector backgrounds of its two principals, John James O'Brien, CRM, MA LT and Robert Tornack, RN, MBA.

John and Rob are senior practitioners and organizational leaders who have brought an "accountability edge" to consulting work with multinationals and regional enterprises in Asia and Canada. Each has held leadership and advisory roles in the governance of large systems, ensuring that their model for the knowledge-focused enterprise is grounded in reality.

A representative list of projects and engagements is available here.  Projects that require a presence in Asia can be established in their former base of operations at both the International Finance Centre (IFC II) in Hong Kong and the Offices @ CentralWorld, Bangkok. In general, however, advisory projects are conducted remotely from Canada with on-site activity as required.

John continues to create and apply models for organizational development, team and individual capacity building as an independent consultant, coach and mentor/advisor under his IRM Strategies brand. Rob remains an important contributor and has expanded his focus as co-owner of Garden Oaks Fine Accommodation (GOFA), a residential property leasing and hospitality enterprise, where John also contributes in line with his interest in design and architecture.